Hi, I’m Joakim Kemeny

Father, husband & freelancing
creator of products

Nothing is more satisfying than creating something from scratch and putting it into the hands of thousands of users. That’s why I work as a front-end developer – primarily on iOS and web projects. I love pushing pixels and really sweat the details, but I also love looking at the bigger picture to create architectures that hold up over time.

I’ve been doing this professionally since 2002, but I’m still as passionate about it as ever. To be able to give it my complete attention, I’ve recently quit my job to work as a freelance consultant.

I live in Sweden, outside Gothenburg, and besides coding, I love skiing, canoeing, and playing my guitar; I’m an Apple enthusiast and like new technology in general. Strangely though, I don’t have my own apps in the App Store – yet – but you never know if today is the day one of my hobby projects will make it past my threshold of being good enough to ship.

I occasionally speak at meetups and different conferences. Most of the time, I give technical talks on web technologies and architecture, but part of the fun in presenting is going deep to learn something new, so I try to change topics as often as possible.

Finally, I’m also a husband and the father of two wonderful children who keep me sane and help me get away from the computer from time to time.

About my site

I read a lot of blogs, and this site is my attempt to give something back to the communities that helped me over the years. Many people share their outstanding work, and I will try to be a part of that.

My site is built using 11ty and uses CloudFront to be superfast worldwide. I respect your privacy, so my site will never use trackers, cookies, or client-side JavaScript analytics.

I also like to keep ownership of my content, so I use my own site instead of Medium, X (Twitter), or similar sites. If you want to comment or react to my posts, check out Mastodon, where all posts get republished.

I hope you’ll enjoy my work, and you are always welcome to contact me if you have any feedback or need help with an exciting project.